Podcast Marine Edition

Hi Folks,

For more than twenty years I have been collating and presenting folk and world music programmes through Fine Music 102.5FM (and earlier for 2 SER). I have had a great time listening to and reviewing  this music over the years. This music has set my creative juices flowing, and adapting it into becoming a programme has been my great joy over all this time.

Folk and World music are not well served in the general media although thousands go to folk festivals featuring both.  The boundaries are becoming blurred.  Even better!  they are feeding off each other.  In my vast collection there are many that defy categorisation.  Let’s keep it that way!

You wouldn’t want to listen to it more than once or twice but with the magic of podcasts  you can listen WHEN you want to, on whatever device is most convenient.  Whether working, walking or winding down, I should be able to present you with some little nuggets of sound  that will suit your mood.

Like any good journey there are those delightful impromptu moments; maybe finding a picturesque alleyway, or a rustic bistro where La Patronne tempts you with spicy bits, local delicacies and new in season tastes, my musical menu will provide you with an eclectic mix and a few surprises to pique your appetite.

I aim to provide a new edition of my podcast each month with lots of music and no adverts.

Carole Garland

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