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Tuesday January 9th  2018

One Up Two Down   &   Rachel Baiman

One Up, Two Down hail from three countries joined by the Pacific Ocean. Fiddler George Jackson and guitarist Daniel Watkins, from New Zealand and Australia respectively, are back to back winners of the Australian Bluegrass Scholarship (’12, ’13) and veteran touring musicians in the Australian bluegrass scene. Together with North Carolinian, Yale School of Music trained (MM ’13) double bassist Andrew Small, they bring together raw old-time groove, bluegrass dexterity, and folk storytelling. The music showcases a deep respect for tradition while simultaneously establishing these musicians as boundary pushing musical explorers. No barrier is too great to stand between musicians with a powerful musical connection and One Up, Two Down is a perfect example of music bringing people together. The band’s debut self-titled EP was recorded in late 2013 in Nashville, TN. Their follow-up EP, “A Day on the Quay”, was recorded on Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia and is set for release in January 2016.

Rachel Baiman

57154 RBRET0805 2crop

In many ways, Shame, the new album from 27-year-old Nashville Americana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman, is an exploration of growing up female in America. “I wasn’t necessarily trying to write songs that would be easy to listen to,” Baiman says of the project, “I wanted to write about reality, in all of it’s terror and beauty.” From the title track about abortion politics, to love, sex, and abuse in relationships, to classism and inequality in her re-write of Andy Irvine’s working class anthem “Never Tire of the Road,” the album is ambitious in its scope, yet remains cohesive through Baiman’s personal perspective. The overall feeling of the album remains light, with the tongue-in-cheek “Getting Ready to Start (Getting Ready)” and feel-good anthem “Let them Go To Heaven.” A departure from her stripped-down work with progressive folk duo 10 String Symphony, Shame is lush and varied in instrumentation and musical texture.

Saturday 18th November 2017

Fred Smith   –   Great

Fewd Smith


Over the last 15 years Fred Smith has emerged as one of Australia’s most interesting songwriters.  He has spent the last 15 years all over the joint: working on peace keeping missions in Afghanistan and the South Pacific, touring in America and travelling the Australian festival circuit.

Fred Smith launches Great – a rollicking musical hayride through American history, politics and pathologies. This new double album sees Fred Smith return from the dust of Uruzgan to revisit his fascination for things American.

Great combines songs of hi mirth alongside some beautiful ballads, highlighting his deep appreciation of Americana musical formats and his gift for telling stories about, well, people!

These are stories worth telling.

“…Smith has a love–hate relationship with America, which he has neatly coupled to a wry and profound understanding of that complex society”. Bruce Elder, SMH

Friday 22nd September 2017

Madison Violet

madison violet

For those who don’t know of Madison Violet, it all began in 1999. Brenley and Lisa met in a restaurant called The Green Room, in Toronto.  That was 17 years ago, and the pair have been writing and creating beautiful music together ever since.

Their newest collection of songs ‘The Knight Sessions‘ is a mix of stripped back, acoustic takes on some of their more upbeat musings as well as a new batch of poetic and heartfelt tunes. Their recent single ‘These Ships’ was released on one of the largest dance labels in the U.S., Ultra Records, and has garnered over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify already.

Brenley and Lisa are singer-songwriters. Multi-instrumentalists. Harmonizers. Dog lovers. Nature walkers. Painters. Tennis fanatics. Amateur chefs. They have been described as pop, roots, indie, dance and Americana, but think that this quote sums them up best…

Madison Violet has suddenly appeared like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.”

LES POULES à COLIN April 6th 2017

Formed in 2009, the group is composed of five young musicians of the new generation in traditional music. All the children of Lanaudian musicians who are very active in the community, they grow together in festivals and jams trad and develop a sparkling complicity that is inevitably transmitted on stage. Their strong stage presence demonstrates a contagious pleasure in a family atmosphere and festive. In 2010 they recorded their first professional album thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Lanaudière, awarded by the Quebec Arts and Letters Council, the Youth Forum and the Lanaudière CRE. It is with “Hébertisme Nocturne” that they traveled to major cities in Canada, the United States and France, to festivals such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Festival de la Chanson de Tadoussac, Sunfest, Memory and Roots Festival, and many others.

MIMOSA DUO Sat 25th February 2017

French Chanson and gypsy jazz at its very best.

The exciting Mimosa Duo, with the amazing Morgan Haselden on guitar and Phoebe O’Shea violin.  Their repertoire is a colourful collage of gypsy jazz, Argentinean Tango and more.  Includes popular and classical French music, songs and well known pieces from some favourite French films. You may recently have heard them on the Sunday radio progamme ‘Macca on a Sunday Morning,’ where they were extensively featured.  Many connoisseurs of fine music believe this is the greatest gypsy music duo since Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.


Mimosa is a Sydney born and bred, guitar and violin duo that is of international standard. Its members Phoebe O’Shea and Morgan Haselden met whilst studying with scholarships at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music back in first decade of the new millennia. Focused on their studies the Mimosa Duo did not exist until both members had completed their Bachelors of Music in 2009.




November 19th 2016

Tradewinds Folk Events was part of

The Kilgour Guitar in Concert

A star-studded lineup to honour this great man.neil kilgour

JEZ LOWE Friday October 7th 2016


With last year’s announcement of a double nomination in the 2015 BBC Folk Awards (Folksinger of the Year and Best New Song), Jez Lowe has leapt into his third decade as a song-writing troubadour, on the back of a new and much acclaimed album – his nineteenth – entitled THE BALLAD BEYOND.

The year ahead will see him in front of audiences right across the UK, as well as in Canada, Australia, Spain and Denmark, not only solo or with his long-standing backing band Bad Pennies, but in new musical company, on new musical journeys.

Jez Lowe’s contributions to the on-going BBC series The Radio Ballads has cemented this reputation, with a Sony Radio Award among the many accolades coming its way.


MARA & LLEW KIEK September 9th 2016 Llew & Mara

Mara and Llew Kiek unpack their favourite musical treasures, in an informal concert of music across space and time, with these giants of the World Music genre. It is with great pleasure that they are coming to Tradewinds Folk. Only rarely do these two perform for a folk club, and we are highly thrilled they agreed to come.

Llew is one of Australia’s key medieval and world music plucked string players and is a highly regarded recording producer in world music, a cappella and classical genres. Mara is a renowned singer and percussionist, an expert in the Bulgarian?vocal style, and one of Australia’s key vocal tutors and workshop convenors.


You tube:

THE FAGANS August 12th 2016

Margaret and Bob Fagan are the founder members of Australia’s pre-eminent folk music family, ‘The Fagans’. They are coming to Tradewinds on Friday August 12th, and we are confident you will enjoy this vibrant duo.

Margaret & Bob FaganMargaret and Bob began their musical journey together in Canberra in the late 1960s.  Since then they have appeared regularly as a duo across Australia, the UK and Ireland.  They also raised a family of musicians who went on to become the famous and much loved family band.  Their children are now internationally renowned performers in their own right. Kate Fagan is a prominent singer-songwriter, widely regarded as one of Australia’s best. James Fagan has gone on with Nancy Kerr to form one of the most successful duos in British folk music history, winning acclaim and regular awards, including the BBC Folk Performers of the year.

With their strong blend of politically-edged traditional and contemporary songs, combined with lyrical ballads and great choruses, Margaret and Bob are guaranteed to lift your spirits.  Their repertoire is firmly rooted in the folk tradition.  Their harmony work is legendary, but their appeal goes well beyond that.  Margaret’s pure voice and Bob’s superb guitar playing combine to ensure their popularity both here and abroad.  Make sure you are part of the Tradewinds audience on this special night.
You tube:

Margaret & Bob Fagan

Margaret & Bob Fagan

Vincent Cross Sat 16 July 2016

Vincent Cross

Vincent Cross

With roots in Ireland and Australia, New York City-based rustic folk singer and songwriter Vincent Cross has been described as “impeccably gifted” by Big City Rhythm and Blues, and “…powerful and unique…” by Red Line Roots. His new album, Old Songs for Modern Folk, presents eleven songs that address modern life, from police brutality in ‘Michael Brown’ (an adaptation of the classic ‘Louis Collins’ by Mississippi John Hurt), to the modern immigrant experience in ‘The Ballad of Roosevelt Avenue’ to the exploitative labour practices of ‘Garments of Shame.’


SQUEEZEBOX TRIO Friday July 2016 

Sydney’s purveyors of Hot Gypsy Swing, ‘The Squeezebox Trio’ take the driving rhythms of 1930’s guitarist Django Reinhardt’s two fingers and combine it squeezebox triowith the intensity of Eastern European Balkan music to give one hell of an energetic performance. Violinist Michael O’Donnell swings hard while incorporating the nuances and technique of his bluegrass and classical background. Guitarist Javen Sanchez brings the groove of Spanish flamenco to the gypsy jazz tradition and accordionist Thomas Hodson draws from the melodies of the Romanian Lautareasca and Greek Rebetiko, having studied whilst touring internationally. The bands self-deprecating humour will manifest in a cacophony of Russian drinking songs, French Waltz’ and the occasional Disney film classic, all tied together with three-part harmonies.


BLUES NIGHT Friday 10th June 2016

CHRISTOPHER CADY   (Guitar-Vocals)Chris Cady

Christopher Cady plays Ragtime Blues in the Piedmont style – sort of stride guitar really – and, drawing from the works of the old blues-masters such as Blind Blake and the Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie McTell and so many others, he puts out an authentic performance that is nonetheless all his own.

Having been playing this music for 40 odd years, ( and he is still doing it ! ) there is the stamp of authority about both guitar and vocals which emphasises the affinity between the source material and his singing and playing . Garnished with a sardonic wit and dry humour, his patter leaves one in no doubt that this is as close to the real thing as you are going to get.

Christopher has played many of the East Coast festivals [ National Festival Canberra 2014 and 2016-St Albans – Turning wave – Dorrigo – Gulgong etc ] over the years, and with a recent tour of the Midwest (of NSW) has been quietly spreading the blues…….

BLUESANGELS:  not your usual blues bandBlues Angels

A duo in 2008, multi-instrumentalists BluesAngels formed in 2010 to bring original and authentic acoustic folk blues/jazz/roots to the Central Coast and beyond. From jug band to jazz-infused New Orleans shake, Chicago blues bellow to bluegrass bounce, plugged or unplugged, BluesAngels will warm your whiskers with their backhills bemoaning and beatnik beatitudes.

To buy CD: Contact 02 43242801 or Trad&Now      digital:


Our favourite local blues lady is coming to Tradewinds on 10th June.  Known for her elegant guitar work and very musical interpretations.  We are pleased to welcome Tracy to the stage for a Tradewinds debut set.

RAPT  Trio – Rosie McDonald, Ann Palumbo, Paul Laszlo Friday May 13th 2016

Rich in folk, Celtic, blues, jazz and classical – heard in their arrangements and original material

Based in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and described as an interesting fusion of blues, folk, jazz with various seasonings added, their arrangements are instantly appealing, personal and travel the paths of their collective experience as they take you into their world.

RAPT  are Rosie McDonald ( Mothers of Intention, MusicOz award winner, Folklore,) Ann Palumbo ( urban eXcentrics , When Mother Comes To Visit, ASA awards judge among others)and Paul Laszlo (urban eXcentrics, , WMCTV, AustOpera, MelbSymphOrch,  banjo soloist Singapore Symph, ASA Awards judge).

Contacts: Ann Palumbo 0411 131 400  Rosie McDonald 0412 949 842  Paul Laszlo 0417 682 377

Keith Donnelly Friday April 8th 2106

… arguably the funniest man alive.

Keith DonnellyFrom the : First second you see this Third-rate musician, step Fourth onto the stage, you’ll open up like a new Fifth of old Scotch, his Sixth sense comedic timing taking you to Seventh heaven, like the unexpected Eighth note in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony…

carole garland & chris cady

Carole Garland & Chris Cady

chris cady

Chris Cady








keith donnelly

Keith Donnelly

keith donnelly

Keith Donnelly

March 2016 Saturday 19th

Mànran are Scotland’s Premier Celtic Band.

They began in June 2010 and  have performed at many of the World’s most established folk/world festivals and were invited to do a special one off concert for the 2012 London Olympics. Variously tagged as “folkrock”, “trad-rock”, “Celtic-rock” and even “grown-up folk-rock”,

Mànran’s music has always defied easy labelling due to the eclectic mix of influences on the band and the alchemy that melds them. With traditional Celtic roots, fiery tunes from fiddle, accordion, flute, uillean and Highland bagpipes and elements of funk, jazz and rock, coupled with songs in both Gaelic and English get ready to hear some of the most innovative and uplifting music around..

Pictures from the Mànran Concert:

Mànran Concert

Mànran Concert 2

Mànran Concert

Mànran Concert 1

Mànran Concert

Mànran Concert 3

Alesa Lajana Friday February 12th 2016

We open the year with a huge fanfare, having once again Alesa Lajanasecured the services of this fabulous lady.

Alesa Lajana is a singer-songwriter who won a Queensland Music Award after her album ‘Celtic Gypsy’ on ABC Classics. It won notable acclaim from players like Tony McManus, Jeff Lang, Shane Howard and Bela Fleck. Not least of her admirers was the guitar makers, Maton, who named a new model for her.

She travelled the back roads of Australia for seven years, gathering stories from post-colonial sources for her Hidden History Project, these stories form the backbone of her new album soon to be released. We will be among the first to hear these. She is an equally fine player of the banjo and guitar, and her beautiful voice is tailor made for storytelling.

Pictures from the Alesa Lajana Concert:

Alesa Lajana
Alesa Lajana
Alesa Lajana

RADUGA TRIO  11th December 2015

 Raduga Trio

Fun Babushka music. An eclectic and exciting take on raw gypsy style. Contemporary arrangements of old tunes on the clarinet, piano accordion, acoustic bass, kazoo, sax, foot drum, ukulele; flavoured with tap dance and original music.


Pictures from the Raduga Concert:






Folk Dancing

Folk Dancing



Lime and Steel in Concert: Friday 13th November 2015

A ravishing band from the Blue Mountains who love groovin’ with a live audience, they are great fun to be around and that little touch of ‘noir’ will suit our Dungeon down to the ground.

With roots-down banjo-fiddle grooves, dust kickin’ hoedowns and folk-noir ballads, Lime and Steel roll out a show Lime and Steelof original songs that splash on just the right amount of paint to get a loving glimpse of the darker side of the Australian soul.

From pub gigs in their Blue Mountains hometowns, to folk festivals up and down the East Coast of Australia, this 5 piece pour out convict murder ballads and foot stompin’ bogan bluegrass love songs, cut with equal parts charm and cheap wine.

Find them easily on youtube or

Sandy Brechin and Ewan Wilkinson (Scotland) Friday 30th October 2015

Brechin and WilkinsonEwan and Sandy play a mixture of Scottish, Irish, and English traditional songs and tunes, together with contemporary folk songs and original compositions.  Many of the original songs are written by Ewan.

Ewan’s powerful baritone voice and unique guitar technique combined with Sandy’s unbelievably fast and adept accordion make their music very easy on the ear.

They should adapt very well to Peter and Nicky’s garden and lovely deep verandah  – a ceilidh with fern and orchid backdrop!

Liz Frencham/John Flanagan 9th October 2015

Liz Frencham and John FlanaganTwo highly respected and engaging singer/songwriters on the Australian folk scene are joining forces for a special co-headline tour this September & October. Festival Favourite Liz Frencham (double bass/vocals) and up and coming singer/songwriter John Flanagan (banjo/guitar/vocals) will both be releasing new recordings on this expansive Australian tour. Liz Frencham is a warm, exuberant performer, associated with multiple successful collaborations (FrenchamSmith, Jigzag & Dev’lish Mary) and a captivating soloist. She easily traverses genres from folk and bluegrass through to jazz and blues with gentle expertise and plenty of good humoured banter to accompany the journey. Liz will be launching her second AND third volume of live duets, along with a re-issued first volume. Combining 70s folk singer/songwriter influences with bluegrass instrumentation, John Flanagan’s star is on the rise since recording his latest album in Nashville with producer Viktor Krauss. His engaging, honest lyricism and timeless melodies have seen him win over fans at major folk festivals around Australia. John will be touring on the back of the first single and film clip release (‘Whatever Makes You Happy’) from his upcoming album. These two engaging performers will share the stage, adding warm harmonies and subtle acoustic textures to one another’s songs.

A Night of Blues and Celtic Music 11th September 2015

Tradewinds took great pleasure in presenting bluesmeisters Chris Cady and Russ Redford and Celtic masters Kent Daniels and Bill Wiseman in concert. Christopher Cady plays Ragtime Blues in the Piedmont style.  Drawing from the works of the old blues-masters such as Blind Blake and the Rev. Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Willie Johnson he performs an authentic blues repertoire.  Accompanied by the masterful harmonica playing of Russ Redford the duo pump out an authentic performance that is nonetheless all their own, reaching out to the source materials found in ragtime, stride piano and country blues, delivered with a veracity that is complemented darkly by Cady’s vocal style, and Redford’s magical harmonica, allowing the ‘old’ music to live again. Kent Daniel, a veteran folk/acoustic performer is the complete musician, a fantastic singer and instrumentalist and a great arranger of songs and tunes. He has teamed up with Bill Wiseman who is without doubt one of the most accomplished Whistle players in Australia. His vast repertoire and effortless control takes the whistle to another level. Together they will enthrall and captivate you with the material that they have drawn from the Celtic tradition along with their own compositions. TWF 2014 R&C 3  Bill PROMO


Bill and Kent on the night


..hear that train a-comin….

pete and nicky

Acoustic set from Pete and Nicky

The Smiths

David, Hannah and Rob

The Koasties Friday 14 August 2015

The Koasties are members and families of Papua New Guineans living on the Central Coast and Sydney, who meet regularly to play and sing guitar and a capella songs from the

Coasties 6

The Koasties

rich Melanesian repertoire. Songs range from stringband songs, Peroveta (hymns introduced by Rarotongan missionaries in the 19th century), to popular songs. Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations on planet, and the Koasties reflect that with their infectious blend of voices, guitars and ukuleles. 


Cap in Hand in Concert – Friday 10th July 2015

Cap in Hand Nigel Walters and Dave Spira

On Friday 10th July at 7.30 we have a wonderful acoustic duo, Cap in Hand. As always, bring your own wine or beer (and glasses).There will be yummy Mushroom soup (for vegies) with bacon (for those who like it) and crusty French bread to keep us all warm.  As well as our famous selection of home -made cakes and coffee. Put cap in hand in your diary today.

“The Best New Australian Acoustic Music Duo in a Decade” (Michael Fine –Troubadour Folk and Acoustic Music, Woy Woy)

Cap in Hand are Nigel Walters who hails from the Roman town of Bath in the sunny south of England and Dave Spira, originally from Cumbria in the far north.  Nigel sings, plays finger style guitar, dulcimer, mandolin and cello mandolin.  He is well known to Australian music lovers through his work over more than a decade with the iconic Wheeze and Suck Band.  Dave plays exquisite finger style acoustic guitar in a range of open tunings.  Each write their own material and both draw from a treasure chest of traditional and contemporary music.

Influences are many and varied, ranging from the likes of Nic Jones, John Martyn and Martin Simpson to Joni Mitchell, Richard Thompson and David Francey.

Cap in Hand were the big hit of the most recent St Albans’ Folk Festival, seducing audiences with their compelling mix of finely crafted songs and tunes. Their newly released debut album Harlequin highlights Dave’s finger style guitar playing and song writing skills as well as showcasing Nigel’s vocals and sensitive musical accompaniment.

Cap in Hand Nigel Walters and Dave Spira harlequin album.jpg

Gleny Rae and Dougie Friday 12th June 2015



Rob and Sarah Smith, Garland-Fine (support)

Rob and Sarah June concert

Garland Fine May concert

HORSE & WOOD Friday May 8th 2015






Horse and Wood are Bukhu Ganburged on MongolHW1ian Horse Fiddle and John Robinson on Arabic Oud. The unusual pairing of a Mongolian Horse Fiddle (the neck ends in a beautifully carved horse’s head) and an Arabic Oud, (Oud means Wood) with its classic ‘old world’ tones, would seem at first sight, to have little in common. In the hands of these two musicians, Bukhu Ganburged and John Robinson, they seem born to respond to each other. Add in Bukhu’s eerie throat singing from deep ‘grumbles’ to high pitched vocalisations and you may well find the hair on the back of your neck stands up – this is spine tingling stuff.

Certainly the world beyond folk music seems aware how magical these two are together. Last year Bukhu was awarded a Distinguished Talent Visa, one of only five awarded last year, and may now stay in Australia as long as he wishes. The pair of them are currently in Tasmania as guests of MONA, (the Museum of Old and New Art) and regularly top the bill at Music Festivals.

Mutual Acquaintances




Thanks to everyone who came to the opening night! See photos below!

Deta and Rob Rayner from The Beez present: “Don´t Mention the Wall!“

January 30 2015

Original Songs, stories, short films and slides from the fall of the Berlin Wall and beyond, with native Berliner Deta Rayner (accordion/voice) and Australian expat and Berlin resident since 1988 Rob Rayner (guitar/voice). From Balkan to Bluegrass, Polka to Punk and Klezmer to Cabaret, this is the unadulterated truth about the dramatic post-Wall banana shortage, East German Country and Western harmonica production and Stasi-assisted sound checks, all from a uniquely German/Australian perspective.

Cabaret sensibilities and trademark soaring harmonies inform Rob and Deta´s performance in a funny and moving account from two musicians unwittingly caught up in one of the most significant events of the 20th century.

Following a successful Australian tour in 2013 (generously supported by the Goethe Institute), this truly unique show is currently being performed in Germany to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. „Don´t Mention the Wall!“ will be touring Australia from January to May 2015.

“Fresh from Berlin, with their amazing contemporary accounts of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, called DON’T MENTION THE WALL, in stories, songs, and film clips. The Beez are always funny, but this is poignant too. The long version of this presentation was shown at Illawarra folk festival in 2013 and it was completely packed out for two performances. Thoroughly recommended!”
Carole Garland.