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Tradewinds Folk Events is a Not for Profit group providing a new venue for beautiful music.
We bring a delicatessen of the best folk, world, acoustic, blues from professional & semi-professional artists. Expect a comfortable, ambient setting at affordable prices. Either at the Dungeon or a House Concert, often to take advantage of a Touring Artist’s brief visit.

Our favourite quote from a visiting artist:

“We so enjoyed playing at your wonderful venue & the opportunity to play two full & varied sets. You’ve got the magic formula right, great sound, intimate lighting & feel, a supportive listening audience, generous & welcoming organizers, thanks Carole Garland, Peter Allsop and crew. You have created a destination venue & word is spreading.”    Rosie McDonald – RAPT


Hi Folks here’s our latest news:

Yes, we’ve been a bit quiet lately, when we promised beautiful music.
There’s a bit of a story to that. Around a year ago pesky problems began to plague us as individuals. It made fulfilling our obligations to Tradewinds difficult.
Peter & Nicky for instance, who have the lovely house in Hamilton that we have been using for house concerts, have decided to take a seven month sabbatical.
This would leave us without a concert space if we didn’t have The Dungeon. Volunteers, including Newcastle Hunter Valley Folk Club (NHVFC) are going to push fingers into the dyke to stop the music leaking away entirely. Next year Peter and Nicky will return and we can look forward to more house concerts.

Next Dungeon Concert:     Madison Violet (Canada)

Friday 22nd September 2017 at 7.00pm

Following Dungeon Concert:    Fred Smith (Dust of Uruzghan).

Saturday 18th November 2017 at 7.00pm


the dungeon

Friday 22nd September 2017 at 7.00pm

About:    Madison Violet

from Canada

madison violet

For those who don’t know of Madison Violet, it all began in 1999. Brenley and Lisa met in a restaurant called The Green Room, in Toronto.  That was 17 years ago, and the pair have been writing and creating beautiful music together ever since.

When you hear them, the first thing you’ll notice is that their voices blend together, symbiotically, like family: Born to sing the same songs. And over the past decade and a half, the pair have taken to genre-bending, moving effortlessly from folk to pop to electronic to Americana. In a word, they are musical chameleons.

Their newest collection of songs ‘The Knight Sessions‘ is a mix of stripped back, acoustic takes on some of their more upbeat musings as well as a new batch of poetic and heartfelt tunes. Their recent single ‘These Ships’ was released on one of the largest dance labels in the U.S., Ultra Records, and has garnered over 1,000,000 plays on Spotify already.

Brenley and Lisa are singer-songwriters. Multi-instrumentalists. Harmonizers. Dog lovers. Nature walkers. Painters. Tennis fanatics. Amateur chefs. They have been described as pop, roots, indie, dance and Americana, but think that this quote sums them up best…

Madison Violet has suddenly appeared like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.”

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Phone for info:   Carole Garland – 4929 3912   or   0431 616 867



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